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Brenden Trojan |School Shows

Whether you are hosting a prom, end of the year party, or just something special for your students, Brenden is here to make it spectacular. His magic will build up your student community while also amazing their minds! There is something for every age level and Brenden will work with you to make your event perfect!

Show Options

Stage Magic Show

A 45 minute interactive magical experience creates an exciting environment for kids and adults with plenty of interactive opportunities for those who are excited to participate. Brenden's array of magic, improv abilities, and hilarious comedy make his show have something for everyone. You and your guests will leave happy, amazed, and wanting to see more. 

Teach a Trick ​Show

 This is an addition to the show! After Brenden is done performing, every kid will receive a prop to learn a trick with! (And a secret link to learn more!)

Walk Around Magic

Brenden will stroll through your event performing close-up magic to your attendees. This is the most personal and hands on magic. Your guests will be able to mingle around, but also see magic as they please. Walk around magic is the most close-up and interactive as you can get! 

Workshop Show

 This is an addition to the show! It includes an hour workshop where the students get to learn magic! (Props included, Up to 20 Students) 

Discounted Rates Available 

Client Reviews!

Wow! Brenden was entertaining, punctual, kind and went beyond his time to please our guests. We organized PROM night during this difficult year and the students were very excited to have magic performed live while waiting in line. Thank you Brenden! Highly recommended 💖

Blanca Chattin-Kacouris

Brenden was an amazing entertainer for our 2021 Senior Prom. He was entirely professional and seamlessly engaged with students and staff across the venue. He needed little direction upon arriving... and HIS MAGIC IS INCREDIBLE. Funny, charismatic, entertaining... I am definitely going to be contacting Brenden for future events. We are so grateful for his talent! Thank youuuuuuu!! 

Stephanie Delejewski

We had an excellent experience with Brenden! We had organized a "school's out, summer's in" celebration in the park and there were about 25 3rd graders. Brenden was able to keep them glued to his tricks because he was involving them in the magic tricks and created an entertaining dialogue with them. He was very nice and professional, despite the kids trying to sneak in the back of his set-up. Would recommend him anytime! 

Dana Sufan

Brenden was absolutely FANTASTIC! Not only did he put on a superb show, he went above and beyond to speak with students after the show about the art of magic. They were all so inspired. We'll definitely be booking again. 

Clayton Muhammad 

Brenden has Performed for...
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