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Brenden Trojan | Magic Teacher

Time To Learn Magic!

Springing Cards

If you are seeing this, that means you are interested in learning some magic! The videos below are either something you can learn for free or something I teach after my shows. If you have seen me perform and purchased a kit, goodie bag, or teach a trick then you should have access to the locked links below! I hope you have a blast learning and always remember the magicians code!

1. I agree to never reveal the secret of magic to anyone, except other magicians

2. I understand that it is important to never perform the same trick twice for the same crowd

3. I understand to keep the illusion of magic alive, I must practice the effect before performing for any layperson. (This means non-magician)

Magic Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag

Learning Magic

Teach a Trick

Free Magic!

Performing Magic
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