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Brenden Trojan |Magic Workshop

Interested in learning some magic? Magic is a fun way to work on body coordination, public speaking, self-confidence, and so much more. If you want to dive heavily into magic or just graze the surface then you have come to the right place! Brenden has taught countless students magic and has gotten them out of their comfort zone to accomplish the most incredible achievements! 

Workshop Performance

Class Styles

Individual Lesson 

All lessons are built around you! An hour in length with the ability to dive into an area of magic the student is interested in. The flexibility to choose your own path and go at your own pace makes learning one on one perfect. Brenden will start in the basics of magic and then dive deeper into the art of magic! 

Group Lesson 

Built for you and your friends! Brenden will dive into an area of magic everyone is interested in with the ability to find everyone's unique interests. An hour in length with the ability for different students to learn different routines. (if more than one class)

Class Workshop

Have a class that wants to learn some magic? Brenden offers a unique class workshop that will not only teach them the art of magic, but help them grow as a student. Class workshops can vary in duration to accommodate your students. 

Performance Workshop

Let's dive in and get performing! A performance workshop is for those who want to end up performing a show. Whether that is for your family or a mini show at your school, library, church, etc. Brenden will not only teach you magic, but create a show to perform with you! (Multiple workshops ending with a performance) 

Be Confident to Perform Anywhere 



Brenden's Done Magic Workshops For...
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