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Brenden Trojan | Bio | Dance


      Brenden Trojan started out doing Musical Theater when he was younger. In 8th grade, he joined the Dance Project in Hoffman Estates and deeply fell in love with contemporary and hip hop. By his Senior year of High School, he joined Visceral Dance Studio under Nick Pupillo in their pre-professional dance company. During this time, he also joined Inside Out dance crew under the direction of Andrew Tamez Hull. At this stage of his life, Brenden had already performed works by Jessica Dearh and Giordano Dance Company. Once in college, Brenden would go on to work with Tracy Dunbar, William Crowley, and Sharon Wong who was a great advisor to Brenden’s love to combine dance and magic. He would Study Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Improv, and Tap under teachers like Jasmine Mejia and Matthew Farmer. He would also participate in Break Dancing during his college life. Brenden would create his own choreography and include magic in some of his pieces. He would become president of Hip Hop Club at Hope College and a member of Striketime Dance Theatre under the direction of Nicki Flinn. In his second year being a part of Striketime Dance Theatre, he would take a leadership role. Also, Brenden helped in choreography as well as creating scripts for Striketime. Brenden performed his works along with others in the Knickerbocker Theatre and Dewitt Theatre in Holland, Michigan. In Hip Hop Club, Brenden would help create pieces for Student Dance Showcases, fall fest, and teach for hip hop club as well as logistics. Brenden strives to push the boundaries of what dance and magic can become. Having just graduated college and also receiving a dance award, Brenden is now part of Whirlwind Dance company in Columbus, Ohio and will be bouncing between Ohio and Illinois for dance and magic!

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