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Brenden Trojan |
Artistic Phil
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No matter if in a basement, a studio, or even a street corner, dance is an expression of one’s soul. Dance shouldn’t be constricted because of stress, anxiety, or a rough day; instead it should make one feel free and hopeful. When the body starts moving, all worries disappear. Once one’s artistic mind starts to create and move, then the world disappears. If one cannot let go once one walks through the door of a dance studio, then one must dance it out.


Everyday movements like walking, running, or waving can be transformed into dance. Dance is not confined to a particular set of motions, as it is what the choreographer desires. If one feels like jumping then jump. If one feels like standing still then stand still. There is no good or bad dance, as long as the set of motions come from the heart of the artist.

Artistic Philosophy
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